Lynne Yamaguchi
Sheryl Holland



Lee Roy Beach
Peter Eisner
Dragana Skrepnik

Flux Gallery

Several of us Tucson artists responded to the economic downturn by banding together and starting a gallery of our own. We called the gallery Flux, to emphasize its changeable, fluctuating, fluid nature, and we set up shop in Plaza Palomino, at the southeast corner of Swan and Fort Lowell Roads in Tucson. We closed while the plaza underwent extensive renovations, and have decided not to reopen there. While we decide our future, please feel free to contact any of us to see our work at our individual studios.

Who we are

We’re a diverse and talented group that includes painters, sculptors, mixed-media artists, and a woodturner. Read more about us and see examples of our work here.

Upcoming events

Please check our blog for the latest on upcoming events at the gallery and other events involving the Flux artists individually.

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